Drama and Karma

Those who create drama, will bring their own karma!

this is very true, and so many people love the drama. it is quite sad to see the world as it stands today.

people have given up, lost the faith in the human race, everyone is angry or hateful.

what ever happened to love thy neighbor, xxx

Hello you beautiful and lovely readers, i hope you are all feeling happy today ?

I have been offline for a while due to moving home and so on ….,.blah blah, anyway I wanted to share with you all some thoughts.

In the last 12 months I have learned a few things that I find quite shocking and time wasting, oh yes and money wasting.

If one is to witness the breakdown of a loved one, partner/spouce/child and so on we would do everything in our power to help them.

As it goes most of us would not know how to best help, proffesional help is needed !

Now if a person is suffering with phycological problems, and these issues are not dealt with as early as possible it can lead to mental breakdowns,

did you know there is no real help availible unless the person who is suffering admits they need help. the sad truth is that people don’t like to admit they have troubles and there for it is inevitable that they will end up on anti depresants or worse.

I had to witness my ex husband go crazy  to the piont of no return, as much as i tried to save him i could not get the help i needed and now im a single mum with a restraining order on my ex husband?

There should be more help available.



Little Angel April Jones


In dedication to Little Angel April Jones

Little Angel April Jones a beautiful girl smiling and laughing everyday in her world, so young and care free, innocent and pure hearted no danger does she see.

One day came a monster prowling the streets; he sought out Little Angel April Jones who was so innocent and sweet.

This monster did things that are better left untold, what horror, and heartache began to unfold.

The peacekeepers caught the monster that told nothing but lies; somehow, his punishment just does not suffice.


Castrate and hang him in public view,

Keep our community’s safe and the people true.


Each child born will grow into an adult and become something great, protect the future of our young and show them that the life of a child is no one’s to take.

Whilst you are in heaven Little angel April Jones be happy and carefree and rest in harmony, you must smile and laugh every day in your heart. You have a greater destiny than most here on earth you are special and magical with a heart filled of gold.

To those who share love with Little Angel April Jones you will know in hearts she is not alone, in your arms she will forever be letting you know she is very happy, and when you feel that smile taking over the tears you have been touched by an angel so let go of your fears.


 Little Angel April Jones 





Is this shocking news????


Is there any hope left?


The older you get the harder it is to find employment, or so it seems to most of us who are over 35yrs old. There is no point in speculating about why you are unemployed at 35yrs old, it makes no difference to your future so forget about dwelling on what could or would have been.

Now we do have that out of the way I have a story to share, this story made me question, “Is there any hope left”?

I will keep it as short as possible I promise, as it goes I have the qualifications that are good enough to find a well paid job that would suffice for most. I have learned and mastered many skills and new trades along the way, most of which did not need a good educational background.

Therefore, before I had my children my career was not an issue, as far as I was concerned, my future was in the bag! However, I did not plan on falling in love, getting married and having four children (who are my whole world). After my third child, I had to quit my job at the tax office, due to family ties and a financial nightmare.

After my fourth and final child and a bitter divorce, I was living on benefits and going nowhere fast, this was not what I wanted my life to be. So I arranged an appointment at my local job centre (you know the government run job centre) to ask for help at the very least a point in the right direction.

You see” I was at the time self teaching web design, and that was going well considering the fact that four children can be a full time job. I am not complaining I love my family very much, my children are the reason I decided to learn a new skill.

I could work from home in my own time, keep my family routine working, and most importantly, I was showing my children that it is not ok to settle for less they are so much more. They will have more than I have and be greater than I am and it is ok to reach out as far as they feel they can.

Back at the job centre I was waiting to see my advisor, I had a lot of hope and believed I was going to walk away from there one-step closer to finishing my web design course with a positive outlook.

Well! I can tell you right now I left the job centre feeling rather disappointed and a little shocked if I am honest.  Here is why? The advisor that I spoke to for almost 3 hours had nothing to offer me at all, I’m  not talking jobs here, forget that I’m talking about information on courses or apprenticeship schemes of some shape or form.

I sat with the advisor who to say the least was stunned herself at the fact she could not help me at all, the best course they could send me on was, “how to apply for a job” what a joke.

I believe that if the government run employment office cannot help you what is the point of them being there, to be honest there are a few that work there who have looked down there nose at me or spoken to me like I am an unintelligent and uneducated idiot that cannot read or write.

More fool them as one of the advisors got some polite information from me, simply explaining that if she took the time to look at my file she would see that I was more qualified than she was to do her job. Yep! THAT SHUT HER UP! It is a shame that I had to defend my own intelligence to someone who is power tripping thinking they are all of that! #


So I ask is there any hope left?


I say yes, there is hope in you!


What the hell is going on????

In this life


In this life, there is too much hate.

There is no gain, with mean words; it does not make you any more important.

In this life, there is too much devastation.

There is no gain, when egos are hurt; war does not change ones status in life.

In this life, there is too much heartache.

There is no gain when innocence is taken, it will not change the truth that is feared.

In this life, there is too much ignorance.

There is no gain in turning a blind-eye, we all have a conscience.

In this life, there is too much pain.

Nothing is gained by infliction on others, we are all only human.

In this life, we have only ourselves to blame.

The sad truth is shameful in this life, it makes no sense at all, we all bleed the same colour blood, we all cry the same salty tears and we all started our lives in the exact same way………..with one single breath!!!!

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