When a mistake is made the best thing to do is accept it, learn from it, and move on, right!
So why do so many people worry about making mistakes, I had a roommate back in college she was so afraid of doing something wrong regardless of what it was, she would end up in tears . If something were asked of her, she would come up with some mad little tale about why she has to say no.
Personally I am not the type of person who gives much thought to “what if I make a mistake” syndrome, in all honesty I am afraid to make mistakes and if I was I would just say no and not do it.
I have to admit at the time I thought wow! What a lot of fuss over something so silly, this lead me to question her to help me understand her fear.
It turned out that when she was little one of her parents would be quite cruel on random occasions, saying horrid things that made her feel useless and incapable, this kind of taunting stayed with my roomy right up to the moment she met me.
A little bit of positive attitude along with small demonstrations of mistakes being made without any major consequences or life threatening results, my roomy gained confidence as her confidence grew so did she!
For those who are afraid and worry about making mistakes read these words and say them to yourself as many times as possible until you begin to believe them.
It is ok to make a mistake, mistake are inevitable a part of life, mistakes are an unavoidable learning tool.
That, that does not kill you, will only make you stronger, And look at it like this if every single person in the world never made a single mistake how would we know what is right and wrong, how would a teacher teach.
This is life, let your own natural ability help you love it.


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