Breaking free

Living under the command of others

Manipulation (to control or influence somebody or something in a clever or devious way) is a trait we can all fall victims to, that is not a bad thing as long as it is not hurting anyone. The sad truth is, people are using the power of manipulation to control others.

A manipulator will convince you into believing what they want to believe for their own selfish reasons, it can and does happen in any situation. It is also a known fact that age has no relevance, children and teenagers have the power to manipulate some are better than adults do.

Relationships have to be the most common to involve manipulation, at least one out of every 3 relationships are built on manipulation. Allow me to elaborate; when a person believes they are in love nothing else in the world matters, they feel like they could take on anything.

“Love truly is a beautiful thing”!

Sometimes one person can love another person that much that the thought of not having them around is unbearable; these thoughts will turn in to fear. The fear of losing someone who you love so much is so strong it can make people do crazy things.

They become so afraid of losing you that they will manipulate your every thought and control your every move, and they will not stop until everything and everyone you know has faded in to the distance. They will make sure that you have no one to rely on but them; they will convince you that other people do not really like or care for you.

Those who have fallen victim to this will not have seen it coming and refuse to believe the truth, but they will feel very unhappy in their life and very alone. This is nothing to feel ashamed about it is not your fault, and you can change it.

“Do not let fear of what may happen stop you from taking back ownership of your own mind”!

You have to remember who you once were, the person that was alive before you even met your partner, and you must reminisce on your years as a single independent person. Question yourself about every part of your life now and compare what is different and why?

You must first admit to yourself that you are unhappy, it has to be a decision that you and you alone makes with no influence from anyone. I want you to ask yourself “am I happy”. If the answer is no, then next question you must ask is “why am I allowing myself to live an unhappy life”.

I will leave it here for now and let you think about your situation but remember this, you are not alone being a victim does not make you any less of a person than anyone else is.

Your life is important to you and only you can make that first step to making it better, it is your right to live the way you once intended.

Do not be afraid!

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