Drama and Karma

Those who create drama, will bring their own karma! this is very true, and so many people love the drama. it is quite sad to see the world as it stands today. people have given up, lost the faith in the human race, everyone is angry or hateful. what ever happened to love thy neighbor, […]

Hello you beautiful and lovely readers, i hope you are all feeling happy today ? I have been offline for a while due to moving home and so on ….,.blah blah, anyway I wanted to share with you all some thoughts. In the last 12 months I have learned a few things that I find […]

Who wrote this?

 Quote of the day comes from 13-year-old Kia Louise Khan.  Have a quote that is pretty awesome, would like to share it with the world, watch this space. Coming soon is something super awesome?????

    Little Angel April Jones   In dedication to Little Angel April Jones Little Angel April Jones a beautiful girl smiling and laughing everyday in her world, so young and care free, innocent and pure hearted no danger does she see. One day came a monster prowling the streets; he sought out Little Angel […]